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6 Inspiring Colour Blocking Outfit Ideas

Not used to wear bright colours? If you would like to wear more colourful outfits but don't know where to start, here is a diagram that will help you understand how to mix colours in an interesting way:


Without going into the technicalities of each colour scheme, I will show you some Pinterest looks which I think did it well and why:

  1.  Pink, Orange and Blue 

    Pink, orange and blue are equally spaced apart on the colour wheel and look well balanced together.

  2. Violet, Navy and Blue

    Violet, Navy and Blue are close to each other on the colour wheel and can easily be blended together.

  3. Violet and Yellow

    Violet and Yellow are complementary (opposite colours on the wheel) which look very bold together and provide good contrast.

  4. Orange, Green and Blue

    Orange, green and blue are equally spaced apart on the wheel (Triadic colour scheme).

  5. Blue and Green

    This is another good example of using analogous colours - colours that are close to each other on the wheel

  6. Green (Same colour, different shades)

    A fully monochromatic look where the bold colour, in this case green, almost looks neutral when blended together with different shades of the same colour.

    Don't be scared to try colour block! You might think bright colours are too over the top, but if combined the right way they won't look out of place.
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