10 Summer Trends We Love

10 Summer Trends We Love

1. Crochet Fashion


 via Hookedbylou depop

From bucket hats, to tops, coord sets and dresses, we can't get enough of this trend.

2. Oversized button down shirt

Time to borrow your boyfriend's shirt. We love this trend, especially for being very affordable!

3. Tank top

We love these basic, but minimalistic and chic tank top outfits.

4. Waist Ties

microtrends summer 2021: tie-up details

From tops to trousers and skirts, our favourites are waist tied flared trousers.

6. One button shirt

Bella Hadid rocking the one button shirt trend. Perfect way to style a 70's vintage shirt.

7. Clay Chunky Rings


Who isn't obsessed about this colourful chunky clay rings? This accessorises will definitely give a fun touch to your outfit.

8. Strappy sandals

Perfect for (almost) every occasion! We love the combo casual outfit - low heeled square toe strappy sandals.

9. Coin Necklace 

We see them everywhere but haven't grabbed one yet. If you find a vintage coin necklaces seller give us a shout!

10. Scarf Top

So many different ways to tie them! Can be worn as bandanas, tie top or scarf.

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